Our trip to Goa is incomplete without a meal at Martin’s Corner – a symbol of Salcette style Goan food with vinegar, spices, dried red chillies and jaggery at its core.

You need to know about Salcette – a central Goan province with a twist in its cuisine. The famous Goan Recheado (pronounced ‘reshad’) sauce from Salcette has the right balance of heat, acid and sweet. You cannot find this tingly mind-numbing combination in Bardez of the north which is too acidic or Canacona of the south which has a Karnataka influence. So we always head to Martin’s Corner for our true Goan binge.

Martin’s Corner is an institution that has been around for decades serving up home cooking inspired Goan dishes that are unmatched. Their version of the Goan sauces like Recheado or Caldin is created to perfection with spices, sourness and the right sweet hit. You should focus on seafood as in the picture above of Prawns Recheado. But do try their Meat Assad or Chicken Goan Masala too.

Sign off with a Tender Coconut Soufflé and voluntarily slide into that blurry food coma. Bom Apetite (as they say in Portuguese)!

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