The students of Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology have launched a YouTube Channel called SrishtiTV. In their words, it is ‘a premier attempt to humanise the growing art and design student community in India over its 9 playlists’. I was one of the ‘experts’ interviewed by them for the playlist ‘Excerpts from Experts’.

While I have wandered all over and waxed eloquent there are a few key points that are important. And they are:

  • Make stories, not layouts: Disparate individual pieces of graphic design does not impress as a portfolio. Take time off and create narratives that are cohesive. This will create work that is more substance than plain style.
  • Worship structure: When creating any content (including your portfolio) bother more about the structure and shun sensationalism. Guide the audience through chapters that segue into the next seamlessly. And that leads us to…
  • Be honest, be authentic: Design as you would. Present as it is. Honesty and authenticity make you opinionated and in this fickle World, opinions are at a premium. Show the gorilla without the lipstick.
  • Embrace humility: Just because you are creative does not make you more special. Stay humble and learn from others. This will make you a strong and efficient team player. The future needs cohesive teams. Not a boor.

If you really want to suffer this watch the video below. Follow and subscribe – Srishti TV

Srishti TV interviews Shivakumar Viswanathan