On the 10th of February 2017 Netflix released a series about visionary designers who inspire us and define the future of this domain.

I turned 49 early February this year with no real regrets. However, I thought my 50 should be a milestone. It should be a reason to rethink what I do and probably define how I can impact a few people’s lives in a meaningful way. While this pursuit is going to be long term I need to think harder to find a suitable channel.

It is quite a coincidence that Netflix should release Abstract: The Art of Design – a series that showcases the minds and works of doyens in design. I was thrilled and started with my personal hero and inspiration, Paula Scher. And the episode did not disappoint me at all. So I binge watched the entire lot of them. Whether it is Christoph Niemann, the illustrator or Ilse Crawford, the interior designer, there is a common quest to deconstruct their art down to a framework. They talk about life, thinking processes, mentoring, successes and failures that paint a compelling perspective to this vocation.

Do not miss the nonchalant politics of Paula Scher and thirst of Bjarke Ingels. But watch all of them.