• You are in it: Immersive Entertainment Now

    ‘Life is experience, Story is structure’ Says Jan Pinkava, writer, and co-director of Pixar’s Ratatouille. The new world of theater is trying to merge immersive entertainment and narrative. What can we learn? I read that we as a society are eager now than ever to isolate or ‘wall garden’ ourselves into engagements or entertainments, away […]

  • Reporters without borders: Make the predators talk with QR codes

    This campaign is against dictators, or predators as the ad calls them, curbing freedom of press. This is an innovative use of QR redirecting you to videos that ‘complete’ the picture. Take a look.

  • Logo Disaster Movie: A fabulous short animation that wrecks Hollywood

    I was impressed with narrative, sound design and the mise en scene that sets this movie apart. And I am a graphic designer who likes logos. From the vimeo description posted by Human: This is a short film that was directed by the French animation collective H5, François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy + Ludovic Houplain. […]

  • Bad Piggies: Those green sniggering cure for attention deficient humans

    Adults and children in my house sat rapt facing their touch devices for days together conquering Angry Birds from Rovio. This Finnish firm has been releasing themed games since then. There is a new one coming soon celebrating the antagonists – pigs. I have been a big fan of hidden narrative in these games.

  • Interactive print is here: Is this the convergence we have been waiting for?

    Apparatus has been proud to use legacy design practices in the digital realm. We have been involved in great projects that span across print and digital too. We found a new tool that can make this ‘walk across’ better. I personally am looking forward to use this, in context, for a project. With a tool […]

  • Found Narrative: A persuasive story in stock images as an advertisement

    Apparatus has been using Getty Images since inception to illustrate brand stories of our clients. We were amazed to see a magnificent interpretation of stock photos as a television commercial to sell their services. Take a look at this.

  • Twitter remains unconquered: A peek into our twitter statistics

    The 140 character micro blog has been an elusive thing to conquer. Our followers stats have been roving in the 480 to a little over 500 area. Do I need more? I do not have an answer. We have not consciously done a campaign yet. Probably it is time. Shiva Kumar on Twitter Counter.com

  • The 'Hello' paper: Where did Business Cards come from?

    I loved this one on evolution of business cards by MOO. From a meishei for royal visits, visiting cards that announces arrival, trade cards with advertisements, photo cards and to the modern business cards – the humble personal stationery has a story. by MOO.

  • A treat retreat: Understanding Social

    I reluctantly registered for a two day conference in support of Akshaya Patra and Anant called Social India. There were significant talks by experts in social media marketing from India and North America. For me, as an entrepreneur and a user experience designer, there were lessons to learn. What did I know? Social media is […]

  • Portfolio July 2011: Web, devices and more

    The Apparatus portfolio has evolved over the last eight years. It has a fair share of information portals, enterprise applications, brand communication, web and mobile apps. There are a bunch of publications designed for print and tablet too. Please do view this full screen and write to us soon. (And do select ‘presentation’ mode. Open […]