Graphic Design

A diligent practice that was ousted by desktop publishing. Graphic Design is still a proud faculty of dedicated and loyal disciples.

  • Institutional Brands and Emotions: Game On!

    The recent furore over the new brand identity for Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc) set me thinking. Has graphic design as a spectator sport reached India? Between 2009 and 2012 a few significant fiascos happened in the branding world. Tropicana, the universal fruit juice brand, faced severe flak on social media for their new packaging […]

  • 12 User Experience Questions: UX Design Education Demystified

    I have been teaching and mentoring User Experience Design students for a while now. Recently, Vikalp Jain, Founder, and President of AcadGild – an online learning portal based on virtual classrooms – interviewed me on camera about user experience as a vocation and a career. While the setup resembles Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns, I […]

  •  What is happening to User Experience Design practice? – Part Three

    And I am almost done. Welcome back to the final part of this series. This extension is more about realising the value of user experience design for a brand or a business.  The biggest fear for a UX designer in a startup is getting marginalised to do cosmetic work on marketing assets or worse, presentations. […]

  • What is happening to User Experience Design practice? – Part Two

    Continuing the rant from where I left, there is more corrective action needed to make user experience designers and departments effective or valuable to a business or a brand. Two more shortfalls: Context is king There is a rather strange breed of user experience designers who are enamored by the glamour than the effectiveness of […]

  • Short Post, Found Content: 24X36

    Last week I found this is a charming movie (trailer) that documents the illustrated movie posters. We have had a history of fabulous promotional art for our movies. While some are documented, most of them are not. This is also an appeal to share information on movie hoardings and poster art that are documented in […]

  • From the Archives: 50 years of Indian Design – 2010 Pool Interview

    The advent of 50 years of Indian design has made sixth issue of Pool magazine revisit this long journey from inception till what design stands for in contemporary India today. As a part of this editorial search they interviewed professionals in the industry. I was proud to be one of them. This post is an […]

  • Rehash: Four tips for young graphic designers

    Graphic design never was and never will be solely about making things pretty. It is about presenting information appropriately – persuasive, useful and usable. Like how the lay of a piece of land dictates the design of a building on it, the underlying structure of content and concept defines the look and feel. So typography, […]

  • Thirst-day Exhibit 15: The Smile of Saraswati

    While the film Life of Christ was rolling past before my eyes I was mentally visualizing the gods, Shri Krishna, Shri Ramachandra their Gokul and Ayodhya.. I was gripped by a strange spell.  -Dadasaheb Phalke The school textbooks were stacked up. There was a picture of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge with a benign smile. […]

  • Thirst-day Exhibit 14: Helvetica

    It’s air, you know. It’s just there. There’s no choice. You have to breathe, so you have to use Helvetica. – Erik Spiekerman Let me start with a quick bit of history. When a German blacksmith Johannes Gutenberg created the printing press in mid-15th century he also invented the first printable typeface now called Blackletter. […]