• The Letter Writer of Saigon

    Under the huge vaulted roof of the Saigon Central Post Office, a French colonial building, I met an old man who has been sitting there for over 25-years. I decided to go to Vietnam on a whim. I had a few days of work at Singapore and I extended that to a short vacation in […]

  • GrillUp with Shiva : Rare Conversations. Done well.

    Designing a panel discussion that engages the participants, the audience and has enough information to take away is a challenge. Most often it leads to droning experts on the podium and an uninvolved crowd. There are a few drivers the DesignUp team defined to make a panel work. And work hard at that. Driver #1 […]

  • Photo Story: The Portrait of Gangtok

    There is unrest at Indo-China border in the North East and agitations at West Bengal border in South. There are no visible solutions yet and this has left Sikkim worried. And I think about my trip to Gangtok. I had never been to the North East of India till I visited Sikkim in May 2017. […]

  • Photo Story: Ahmedabad by Night

    The Walled City of Ahmedabad, founded by Sultan Ahmed Shah in the 15th century, has been declared India’s first World Heritage City. I got to experience this maze of a citadel last night The World Heritage Committee (WHC) of UNESCO made the announcement late on Saturday night following a meeting in Poland’s Krakow. “Thrilled to […]

  • Thirst-day Exhibit 09: The Coup Connection

    A friend and a teacher once told me that creativity is about finding connections between things that are not seemingly related. The rational part of my mind dismissed this as superficial and vaguely self-indulgent. But I present you a case where I found a movie, a book and a song inspired by one event – […]

  • Thirst-day Exhibit 08: Gabriel García Márquez

    Before reaching the final line, however, he had already understood that he would never leave that room, for it was foreseen that the city of mirrors (or mirages) would be wiped out by the wind and exiled from the memory of men at the precise moment when Aureliano Babilonia would finish deciphering the parchments, and […]

  • Thirst-day Exhibit 07: Ferran Adrià

    We need to put the thirst back in design professionals to be aware, appreciative and understand art. So my Thursday posts are going to be about the artists who inspired me. I have stepped out of my comfort zone to the culinary arts here. Could you imagine people eating a painting — if they could […]

  • Honda Again: Personal mobility device that has immense possibilities

    Based on the technology that gets Asimo, the robot, to balance itself Honda created a portable personal mobility device. Take a ride.

  • London to Abu Dhabi: The poetry of flight – Seven hours told in three minutes

    I shot a series of stills from my window on a Etihad flight EY12 from London to Abu Dhabi. This is a compilation of these stills as a home video. I love the meditative theatrical scape, like a lyrical narrative. Below is a color corrected shorter version. Music: Anouar Brahem’s Astrakan Café.