• Call Back: A visit to a place I consider alma mater

    A few months back  there was a regroup vacation of a bunch of schoolmates who mattered in a place, considering that most of us have lived away for more than fifteen years, we would still call home. The meeting was a blur of stories of wonder, success, suffering and survival well-doused with malt liquor. I […]

  • Freeing Willy

    When you are out in cold weather for long there is a challenge that needs to be addressed. This is probably a design problem that is not solved yet. When sleety wind stiffens your face the tips of your ears feel numb. They feel as if you can break them off like crackers to feed […]

  • Mid West Mid Life

    The room windows open out to the wrong side of downtown – open with a big sky. Small mounds of snow on terraces, a faraway belfry and the comfort of the room with outside temperature at 12 degrees below zero on the Celsius scale. I was way too tired to keep awake in the United […]

  • Life is precious

    When I saw Medha and Jags being dragged into the deep, helpless and tired it was a rude reminder that fragility is the very core of existence. Because, dear reader, life is like those stupid mint gums with jelly in the middle. It feels like it will endure the cruel intent of the molars of […]

  • Leaving London

    Water scalded me as I was deciphering the shower system (looks like those things Schwarzenegger blasts to bile and steel in movies) in the hotel after they made me wait for over four hours to give me a room. I flew with a flu, through Delhi, was jetlagged, hungry, scalded and further got a mail […]

  • A Slice of Life

    I, apparently am shortlisted to the second stage of oktatabyebye.com. They wanted me to send them a 150 words travelogue. I quote “The next step requires you to share with us a 100-150 word write-up on your most relished travel experience. Please email this to priya@oktatabyebye.com within next week.” I sent the piece below. You […]

  • Transit

    I am sitting at this teeming terminal of the Mumbai airport, worn and inspired. I have been a lot in airports this month. These are vacant times like in an elevator where you pretend to be in a state of being that other passengers will not comprehend. These are dead times. There is no specific […]

  • The days of good food karma

    Work demanded a recent visit to Ahmedabad. I was back with money in my pocket and that was a change. I did my design education there and was pretty much a pauper right through the stint. Design education was not a standard academic option that South Indian middle-class youngsters would choose those days. It is […]

  • Deconstructing a Svengali – Advertising voyeurism

    In America Television is God. It is the all-pervasive omnipresence. When the people are saying their little prayer at their table a small television is on and watching them. The channels are vying the spot on their mind luring them with grand promises while doing mundane things like predicting weather. American television commercials are probably […]

  • Immigrant Angels – Four cabbie stories

    I flew an Embraer 170 jet across the United States from Dallas Fortworth to Chicago O’Hare. A small thing to take care of in Chicago and I took another such flight to Washington Dulles. This is probably the perfect time to visit the capital area – fall. The State of Virginia looks like a young […]