We do not do advertising at Apparatus. I always thought advertising as business promotion with short shelf life. It does not work along the entire lifecycle of a product or services as a brand.

We got associated with Cottonworld as a brand six years back. We did an identifier refresh, lightened the brand to make it younger and distinct. We also elevated Cottonworld from an image of a family-run business to a substantially large pan-Indian mark. Our association with this brand has been so strong that we did all their advertisements too. You can see our brand work for Cottonworld here.

Last year we discovered a new plank that can promote the brand – young entrepreneurs. We interpreted it as ‘Comfort is about doing your thing in your terms’. We shortlisted a set of unique businesses and got the founders to model for Cottonworld. You can see the 2010 campaign here and glimpses of 2011 campaign below.

Aadore Sayani runs a Sleight of Hand that specializes in delectable brownies served at your doorstep in Mumbai.
Spiga is a Med-style restaurant in the heart of Bangalore run by Aparna Suri.
DJ Suketu is a big name in the party circuit and runs his academy for youngsters with a penchant for mixed music.

We enjoyed working on Cottonworld over these years. Today we are working with them on their social media strategy, ecommerce plans and of course, a younger brand. We have been very minimal with the backdrops and sets this year with a focus on entrepreneur and clothes. If you are a young businessperson with an interesting story write to us to. If selected you can get featured in the next campaign.

See Cottonworld on facebook and follow the brand on twitter.