The Shiva Project
The rational and emotional balance of design as a practice intrigues me. This blog is a rather inconsistent attempt at sharing my experiences in finding this equilibrium.
  • Rehash: Four tips for young graphic designers

    Graphic design never was and never will be solely about making things pretty. It is about presenting information appropriately – persuasive, useful and usable. Like how the lay of a piece of land dictates the design of a building on it, the underlying structure of content and concept defines the look and feel. So typography, […]

  • From the Archives: I believe in small towns

    I was raised in a small temple town in South India, that was a bell jar of life, love, and prejudices. It felt self-contained and comfortably familiar — a severed outpost of progress way in the days of trunk calls and rationed television. I remember mornings of temple chants, ground coffee or anise and those […]

  • Cannes Lions 2017: Four good ones

    The Cannes Lions, International Festival of Creativity starts tomorrow, the 16th of June 2017. While the agency folks are getting ready for long loopy nights on the Boulevard de la Croisette, Tim Nudd, Creative Editor of Adweek has published a line up of 25 Brilliant Ad Campaigns That Will Win Lions in Cannes. I am […]

  • Thirst-day Exhibit 15: The Smile of Saraswati

    While the film Life of Christ was rolling past before my eyes I was mentally visualizing the gods, Shri Krishna, Shri Ramachandra their Gokul and Ayodhya.. I was gripped by a strange spell.  -Dadasaheb Phalke The school textbooks were stacked up. There was a picture of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge with a benign smile. […]

  • Elements of Eater Experience: The UX of food

    I see Subway as a sandwich bar where they drown you with options. Yes, I am glad to micro-manage my sandwich. But the choices and the questions intimidate most of their customers. Add the Indian sense of indecisiveness and you have a potent Mexican standoff at the counter before you can say Chipotle Southwest. They […]

  • Thirst-day Exhibit 14: Helvetica

    It’s air, you know. It’s just there. There’s no choice. You have to breathe, so you have to use Helvetica. – Erik Spiekerman Let me start with a quick bit of history. When a German blacksmith Johannes Gutenberg created the printing press in mid-15th century he also invented the first printable typeface now called Blackletter. […]

  • Short Post, Found Content: Tom Kelley deconstructs Design Thinking

    Fail often so you can succeed sooner. – Tom Kelley While in this World all and sundry are touting design thinking, while I have started to get uncomfortable with the term as much as I am uncomfortable with ‘innovation’, there are a few who can pragmatically break it down for us. Tom Kelley, a pioneer and […]

  • Thirst-day Exhibit 13: Parallel Cinema

    While we were leading a rather sedate life in the 70s, the new Indira Gandhi cabinet of 1980 decide to bring colour television to our homes for the Asiad Games. My father bought one in 1983. So as a teen I was exposed to a new kind of cinema in the early eighties, typically broadcast […]

  • Thirst-day Exhibit 12: Jamini Roy

    I recently learned about an important feature that distinguishes us human beings, right on top with our opposable thumbs and standing upright – the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex, among many things it does, enables us to simulate experiences. Or in other words, it helps us create narratives or tell stories. And we human beings […]

  • Thirst-day Exhibit 11: Tim Burton

    I have a problem when people say something’s real or not real, or normal or abnormal. The meaning of those words for me is very personal and subjective. — Tim Burton His love for the macabre, the twisted reality and Johnny Depp has defined his movies. Tim Burton had to prise himself away from Disney […]