To all those who complain about the death of snail mail, there is yet another virtual product to swing in (or out) kids early.

Maily is an iPad app for children and tweens to legally use email riding on a parent’s account. The app has been designed to be readied by the parent for young children to use. As a parent I could add mail addresses into the fixed contact list. The child cannot add a contact of their own.

The mail itself is done on an artboard with tools to write, draw or shoot. It has graphic templates, crayons and the camera, of course. The navigation between these tools are a bit cumbersome with multiple levels shown as individual docks over the artboard. The photo addition is exciting and the tool is cool. It allows scaling and rotation of the picture taken from the gallery or shot.

The overall experience is simple and children love it. However I will reconsider the parent dashboard and a few icons that the kid needs to get used to. They are fast learners, aren’t they?