Like how a drop of toxin can contaminate a whole body of water, the wrong person with power can spread malice across humanity. Malice divides and we have factions. The long evil tentacles of the divisive right and the rabid slogans of the rest have made this planet a bedlam. A noisy place where I have to find a refuge in my political alignment, even if I do not have one. I cannot just be me.

I have to embrace a doctrine that I do not particularly care for. I have to be not-so-human like the leaders.

The leaders, the mad monarchs of today safeguard their human past like it was a shameful personal episode of frailty. They trade their honesty to hide behind fake war horses. So eventually, we are not governed by people. We are ruled by a mannequin of ideology that sells itself well. Trump or Modi exemplify this disastrous, megalomaniacal self-promoted hero archetype – shallow in their emotions and mechanical or scripted in their responses.

A while back there were learned, emotionally intelligent people ruling us. Even if we did not subscribe to their theories, we saw them as us, as fellow human beings. Do you remember these humans on the chair? Like the poet in Vajpayee or the cool comedian in Obama who were charming, real and honest. If you do not, let us revisit this person in a Jerry Seinfeld webisode. Let us be us for a bit.

Jerry deemed his Commander-in-chief as a fellow human being and a comedian at that. He decided to take him for coffee in a car. Watch the video below:

Even in his ring-fenced boundary of careful poise and good demeanor, Obama feels vulnerable and human. He yearns to meet Jerry at a park bench and does admit to swearing when things go south. He deals with jibes well and is quite funny himself. He is cool and feels like a leader. This naturally makes me think of our own country and the leaders.

I will be overjoyed when we in India get a true statesman who can be more openly human, smart as a whip and has an evident personal style. Till then I have to count the criminal records and be happy with less. Till then…