Addressing a group of 200+ technologists, I realize, is not as easy as talking to design professionals. The tech pros are way more left-brained and need a connected narrative that offers a rational process. This talk at GIC NASSCOM in Hyderabad is my attempt at offering a framework that they can use as a common platform to talk to the creative team or the business team.

Digital, as a term used loosely, is a nebulous concept that seems to encompass a lot more than a marketer or a technologist can fathom. Who owns this initiative in an enterprise? – Technologists? Interaction/UX designers? Influencers? Marketing Department?

The ‘digital brand’ concept is in dire need of a framework that will help the marketer, technologists and creative folks talk on a common platform. This master class attempted at establishing this common framework that contains channels and types of assets that can define a connected idea of a campaign, a gateway, and core brand assets.

This framework was illustrated with case videos that demonstrate the mechanics of the model. Further, this class explored content marketing and social media marketing at a deeper level. This will also help technologists understand the mechanics of marketing strategies and understand the need for tools that can enable an informed digital initiative in all enterprises.

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